Can't find a notification ringtone option

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Besides I’m using OpenHAB many years, I never used before a feature to send a notification to Android app. Now I need this, so I created in a minute an OH3 rule which sends the required notification. After that I thougth that would be great to have some specific ringtone, different than default smartphone’s notification sound.

The trouble here is I can’t see/find any option in the app settings to choose a ringtone. The app’s notification settings opens the system screen with 8 switches to turn on/off various options. But it’s only switches, no at least one ringtone picker.

Does the Android OpenHAB app has this option? I think so, because in 2018 someone asked in this forum about ringtones in the Android app. However I looked at all app settings, even on server-related (because now the app supports multiple servers), but didn’t found any.
I use the latest (I believe) app version 2.16.0 on Samsung M51 (Android 11).

Thanks in advance for any hint!

In case of Android Oreo or higher all settings for notifications have been removed from the app in favor for the notification channels.

On my device (AOSP near Android 10) I can select a ringtone for each channel. To me this is a sign that apps shouldn’t implement such feature on their own anymore.

Do you see the setting “Ringtone & Vibration” in the openHAB App settings? Click on it and you will be redirected to the notification channel settings.

Arghhh! Who is that bloody UX designer at Google (or Samsung?) who made this screen? And who are his crasy managers who approved that work.

I need to click on one of these list items to go down into the appropriate settings that includes a ringtone picker. It’s ok, but why thes list items doesn’t have any indicator, at least a ringbell icon on the left. Jusat to give a user the hint that it’s not just a on/off switcher, but a combo element with two different clickable zones.Crazy design IMO.

Many-many thanks to you for the great explanation! Finally I got what I wanted.

Not sure what version on Android you are on. On 11 it does show a bell icon. Still not completely intuitive but getting better.

It’s Samsung M51 with Android 11 and “One UI 3.1”. May suggest that it’s a Samsung stuff idea to cut off icons in these settings. Indeed with these icons the overall picture is completely different.

Yep, Samsung likes to heavily modify the system UI, put tons of bloatware on devices and so on. On other hand (and why I choose M51) - the 7000 mAh battery and shiny bright Super AMOLED screen. So… I have what I have :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys for your help!

Just for the record, that’s a screenshot from a Pixel 5.