Can't find binding skeleton script

OS: Windows 7
Hardware: x64
openHAB 2.5.x

I’m new to openHAB and trying to learn the basics of writing a binding. I have followed the instructions here:
and installed the Eclipse IDE along with openHAB Deveolopment, Add-ons and core Framework. The demo app builds and runs fine.

I’m running into trouble in the tutorial here:

I have the \openhab-addons\bundles directory but not the create_openhab_binding_skeleton.cmd script. In fact I can’t find any file with the name skeleton in it anywhere in the openhab tree. Is there a step I am missing to get this script?


You are looking at the 2.5.x branch. The script has been removed from that branch because no new bindings for 2.5.x are supported (meaning the script is not updated or maintained for that version) and to avoid people accidentally create a new binding based on that branch. The script is in the main branch.

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Thanks Hilbrand,

Would you say the main branch (3.0?) is stable enough now for a newbie to be developing on?


openHAB 3.0 is certainly stable enough to develop on. In general I would say for binding development there is not much difference.So it really depends on what you want to do with your binding. If you want to contribute it, best start with 3.0. If it’s for personal use and you have a stable 2.5 running and not to much time to migrate to 3.0 just go for a 2.5 binding.