Can't find things, but finding mysterious thing

repeated attempts to find a zwave switch placed about 8 inches from zwave controller finds no switch. but I am finding a strange zwave node, which neither I nor the system can identify. Removing this switch from power does not make the strange thing disappear. The switch is a GE device and I seem unable to ID any info about the device (like a MAC address?) I would expect these things to have their ID printed thereon somewhere so if I have several I can tell which one is which. I have three CT100 zwave thermostats, but the system finds only 1 of the 3.

When I try to add a device manually, it seems like the only thing I can add is a controller, but the controller is already there! Confusing what I am doing wrong.

So what am I missing? Is there some detailed log somewhere I can look in or something to discern what is going wrong? Is there some kind of a guide to help this newb?

Openhab2 on Ubuntu 16.04. I have successfully added and can control 1 of 3 ct100 thermostats, and 2 of 3 GE smartswitches, Cannot add or find the other 2 thermostats, nor the 3rd GE switch.

Did you actually pair the device with your controller? If you did so successfully there should be a node for each device paired with the Controller and each node will appear in the Inbox as a separate unknown thing (eventually the Unknowns will turn into their specific devices).

The fact that you don’t see multiple nodes implies you have not successfully paired the devices with the controller.

I guess this is what I’m asking, perhaps. How do I “pair” the device when “find things” doesnt find it, and there seems to be no device ID on the item?

Read the manuals for your zwave controller and your device. Usually, pairing involves pressing the button on the controller and pressing a button on the device shortly thereafter.

Yes. BTDT, repeatedly. I am missing something…

I was trying to understand how to manually add the device. I figured it would be like adding the device ID…but I cannot seem to find the device ID anywhere on the device or the packaging.

You don’t. That isn’t how zwave works.

If the device is not listed as a node on the controller there is nothing you can do from OH.

The way you “manually” add a device to the controller is by pairing the device with the controller (i.e. press the buttons).

If the device is listed as a node on the controller, then you will find a node for each device paired with the controller. It may be listed as an Unknown device, but it will be listed. You should have at least as many nodes and therefore Things in the inbox (or Things you have already accepted out of the Inbox) as you have devices paired with the controller. If you do not the problem is between the controller and the device and there is nothing that you can do from OH.

So as far as I can tell with the limited information provided,

  • you are not correctly pairing the device with the controller
  • there is something wrong with the device causing it to fail to pair with the controller
  • there is something wrong with your controller causing it to fail to pair with new devices.

In none of these three cases is there anything you can do from OH to address.