Can't find .things files

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI4 / 4gb RAM / 32gb SD card
    • OS: Linux Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment:
    • openHAB version: Openhabian 3.0.1
  • Issue of the topic: I can’t seem to be able to locate .things (or other) files. I was just trying to explore those files because I wanted to try rules with my alexa connected Light-Bulbs, but after looking around, there doesn’t seem to be any files like you would normally have

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Hi Emile, Welcome to the forums.

If you have created things via the MainUI, they do not appear in .things files. Those files only exist if you create them first or import them from a previous installation.

Things created via the MainUI are stored in a JSON formatted file in the ./userdata/jsondb folder.

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Damn i’m stupid

Thanks for the Help !

Not because of that, you aren’t many of those who choose to use files still use the UI for Things because they are especially prone to errors from files.

File-based vs. UI-driven Configuration

Early on you must choose between either textual (file) based configuration, or the easier to use User Interface (UI) method for your setting up and configuration needs. This getting started tutorial will only cover the easier UI method, however since many areas of the documentation give textual examples (often marked as Full Example), it is important to recognize that these examples do not apply if you have chosen to use the UI. If this does not make sense at the moment, don’t worry, just continue on with this tutorial to learn how to use the UI method first, as you can always come back and learn how to use file based configuration.

When using the UI method you will notice that most configuration screens will have a “Code” tab. If you run into problems or want to share something that you’ve created through the UI, click on the “Code” tab and post that YAML to the forum ( using code fences (opens new window)) instead of, or in addition to using screen shots.

You can review the reference documentation for details on the text based approach here (opens new window). Whilst it is possible to mix the two, for example use the UI for things and files for items, doing this is not recommended as it increases complexity.

To help you choose between the two approaches, the following is a summary of the pros & cons for each:

Read more here.

Getting Started - Introduction | openHAB

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Tle location of userdata can vary depending on how OH is installed. In addition, a Docker installation opens up many more possibilities.