Can't find Xiaomi (mihome ) binding

Hi ! stupid question :

In my paper UI, I Can’t find the mihome binding …

I have OpenHab 2.0


That binding was added after 2.1. I think you need to use the 2.2 snapshot to have it listed in paper ui

I don’t know why but 2.2 is extream’y slow on my mac mini and the theme for habpanel on my old android tabs look awfull so i don’t want to update to 2.2 … can i install a .jar manualy like in the old time of openhab 1.x ?

Yes but it isn’t guaranteed to work. The core of OH advances and the bindings advance in lock step. There may be changes that have been made to the core that the binding requires.

Download the jar from cloudbees and add it to the addons folder.

But realize that the longer you wait to upgrade the more “breaking” changes that will be made that you will have to deal with when you finally do upgrade. Or if you choose to stay on that now really old version you will eventually not be able to run any of the new bindings.