Can't get Item tags from Java API

I use the ItemRegistry to get the Items (ItemRegistry’s .getAll()) and then their tags (Item’s .getTags()) but they are always empty. This is how the Item is declared in the .items file:

Switch Serre_Hanglamp “H1anglamp” (Licht) [“tag1”] {knx=“1/1/41+<1/4/41”}

I have also tried putting the [“tag1”] in other places in that line, with different formatting… to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alvaro,

I have never used the tag option. Have you tried the group option? Perhaps that can do the same thing as you are trying to do with tags?
What are you trying to use the tags for?

I intend to use tags for device mapping into universAAL platform, much like what I have seen is suppossed to work with Homekit binding. And that’s why I cannot use Groups, I want to use tags so I can do with them as I see fit (mapping items to ontologies), without interfering with group behavior