Cant get KNX Binding to work properly

I have a hue bridge up and running. I do not expose items to hue but use hue bulbs from openHAB. Maybe you should check the other threads - this one is labeled with “knx” and may not attract any hue wizards.

Thanks, i have already created a thread with the openHAB Cloud, which I cant get to work either.
I have a hue bridge and 2 bulbs but we only have knx spots, therefore I want to expose those and cant use any actual bulbs.

Here I have spots with knx dimmers as well in all ceilings, but I prefer controlling them with Amazon Echo or a smartphone App (not hue). The hue emulation had some issues over the months so I decided to put this aside for a while. May again give it a try.
OH is used basically for integration /bridging/automation purpose.

We already have an integration into an app via EibPort, the app is called Cubevision. Im just trying to be able to control them with my echo dot as well, since I have plenty of time right now.

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