Can't Get the XBMC Binding to Work

I added the XBMC binding to my openHAB binding (this was my first binding). I followed the instructions and have the various kodi setting for remote controlling on. However, I cant get it to work. When I attempt to control it I get the following error:
Recieved command (ON) for item xbmcPlayPause but no XBMC connector was found for #tv, ignoring

Does anyone know how to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you post openhab.cfg section that deal with xbmc, items and sitemap details?
Cheers :smile:


xbmc:tv.wsPort=8080/jsonrpc #it is possible that this is where the issue is

Switch xbmcPlayPause “Play/Pause Tv” (TV) {xbmc=">[#tv|Player.PlayPause]"}
String xbmcTitle “Title” (TV) {xbmc="<[#tv|Player.Title]"}

I have left everything else (except for the addons and sitemap) as defaults.

Thanks :smile:

I suspect you’re right. My wsPort is a port number, like the default 9090.
This link might help…


did you get it working?

Yeah, thanks. I think the issue may have been with XBMC itself. I reinstalled it and that seemed to fix the issue.