Can't invert awning in Google Assistant

Hi all

We have a new awning with a Somfy motor which I control through a Velux KLF 200. The OH2 part works very well, I see the position at 0% when the awning is up and step-by-step going to 100% when the awning is moving down.

I would expect a position of 0% to be called “closed” and the position of 100% to be called “open”.
But in Google Home it’s the other way around which is a bit confusing.

Here’s the item I have defined:

Rollershutter Awning "Awning" <rollershutter> [ "Rollershutter" ] { ga="Awning", inverted="true", channel="velux:rollershutter:95500611:_0:position" }

I found the inverted flag in documentation, but it doesn’t change anything. It’s documented as inverted=true (without the double quotes) but then the editor is giving me an error: mismatched input 'true' expecting RULE_STRING.

Did anyone manage to invert the logic or is the flag used for something else?


Looks like your formatting isn’t quite correct:

Switch { ga="Switch" [ inverted=true ] }

Note how the [inverted=true] stays with the ga definition (i.e., no comma and but enclosed in square brackets). Your ga="Awning", inverted="true" tries to make the “inverted” it’s own separate config parameter.


Awesome, thanks a lot for your help. I saw the formatting but just took the square brackets to mean “optional”.
Tested, now Google Home also makes sense :grin: