Can't log into Openhabian through :localhost or :openhab after install


Sorry for the newb message.

Ive installed openhab directly onto my raspberry pi 3b which is directly connected to my router via ethernet cable. last night I could use the localhost route on my web browser to set up a new account (which i did), but now i can’t even get to the login screen.

Ive tried the obvious off and on process and nothing.

I do see: openhabian-6 in my wifi list.

Please not i’m using mac os.

If i connect my monitor it shows: openHABianDevice login:

Try the IP address of the machine.

How did you use localhost route. Localhost literally means “this computer”. If you are using openHABian (as suggested by the hostname in your wifi list) there is no browser to to run. If you are on your Mac and brought up the web UI using a localhost:8080 address, that means you installed openHAB on your Mac.

That means the hostname for the machine is openhabian-6 I think.

This is the name of the SSID for the WIFI Hotspot This pops up when the internet is not detected.

Try http://openHABianDevice:8080

Did you install openHABian onto the sd card or did you install it another way.

Can you goto the PI’s command line or ssh and run hostname

Then from your mac try http:// your hostname :8080

Maybe http://raspberrypi:8080

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