Can't populate one group


I have a couples of hue lights, I’ve added today another one for my front door, so I’ve added anoteher group “Door”.

My new light is showing in my group “Lights” but I’m not able to make it appear in my new group… any hints?

Here is the code:
/* Lights */
Color Bedroom_Hue “Bedroom Hue” (Bedroom,Lights) {hue=“4”}
Color Natacha_Hue “Natacha Hue” (Natacha,Lights) {hue=“5”}
Color Studio_Hue “Studio Hue” (Studio,Lights) {hue=“6”}
Switch Front_Door_Hue “Front Door Hue” (Door, Lights) {hue=“7”}

Group item=Lights label=“All lighting” icon="hue"
Group item=Bedroom label=“Bedroom” icon="bedroom"
Group item=Natacha label=“Natacha” icon="office"
Group item=Studio label=“Studio” icon="cellar"
Group item=Door label=“Front Door” icon=“door-closed”

Have you defined

Group Door (All)

in the items file?

No…but neither for the others group ( except Lights) and it works…let me double check this…

Found it thanks for your help!!!

And just to remember for the next time I’ve put some remarks!
/ Defining Group /
Group Bedroom
Group Natacha
Group Studio
Group Door