Can't register on

Sorry to post what seems like a pathetic question but is anyone else having trouble registering with or logging in to the pages?

I need to upload an xml file for a zwave switch that is not in the database and it won’t even let me register. All the details I enter get green ticks, I’ve read the Ts&Cs but all it does is twitch and do nothing. It doesn’t go on to another page or even refresh itself. No emails or anything. Tried different browsers, no difference.

I’m a new OH3 user and finding it really good, by the way. Thanks for any help.

I log in fine.
@chris any ideas?

Do you have very strict cookie settings in your browsers? That might be a possible cause.

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I just created a test account & logged in successfully.
If you PM me your email address apparently I can check to verify it is in the database.

Solved, thanks for your help! The lack of emails was because my email hosting service provider was blocking them. Unusual but at least I know what to fix.

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