Can't reinstall openHAB 2.x due to an Java8 issue

Hi there,
I can’t reinstall openHAB because once the spk file is loaded an error message tells:
/volume1/@appstore/java8/j2sdk-image/bin/java downloading source failed.

However, I was able to install the 2.5 zip version manually but once I press the button to install the UI it ends up in a dead end and nothing happens.

As far as I understand OH 3.x needs Java11 which request 64bit. I only run a DS215j with 32bit system, so that’s also not an option.

Don’t know what to anymore, any ideas?

Best I could say is, get yourself a raspbery Pi and install openHABian on that…

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In case your processor architecture is 32-bit then use 32 bit java for OH3.
The doc states

The 64-bit version of the JVM is recommended on platforms using a 64-bit OS and an Intel or AMD processor.

If it is 32 bit then you need to use 32 bit…

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