Cant remove Wemo binding

I’ve tried to remove the Wemo binding using both PaperUI and Habmin, but it is never removed. I even left it uninstalling under PaperUI and I came back to the uninstall animation still running. Refreshing the page shows the binding still installed. No errors in the log, although I did not set it for debug. Does anyone have ideas?

Did you check if it is listed in addons.cfg?

No, I didn’t, but I just checked and its not listed there. Apparently, that file is in its default state, as everything is commented.

Anything in the logs when you try uninstaling?

No, nothing in logs and I should have noted that the Wemo Link the two Wemo switches it controlled were removed before trying to remove the binding. I’ll set the log level to debug level to debug and try again.

I’ve just put the binding into debug, (log:set debug org.openhab.binding.wemo), there is no output in the logs. Nothing. That seems strange. One would at least expect some acknowledgement of the uninstall.