Can't see new and modified devices in Z-wave binding

I am running OpenHABian 2.3.0 snapshot on a Raspberry Pi 3 but I am having real difficulty seeing new and modified devices that I know are in the latest database.

A few weeks ago I updated the Fibaro FGD-212 Dimmer 2 module with a new channel to enable the start-up brightness to be controlled programmatically.

More recently I have added two new Sunricher devices I have imported from China (they look great by the way).

BUT my Fibaro devices are still not showing the new channel and the Sunricher devices are still showing as Unknown Device.

I can’t understand what I am doing wrong. I have searched the forums but I am aware that the OpenHABian installation differs somewhat from a manual installation from scratch. I haveupgraded my installation through OpenHABian-config, I have removed the Things and found them again and I’ve uninstalled the Z-wave binding and reinstalled it. My PaperUI->Add-ons->Bindings is showing the Z-wave binding as being binding-zwave - 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT but still no new devices!

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

There are two versions of this device - my guess is the version you updated in the database is not the same one that you actually have.

These were only added a couple of days ago and aren’t in the binding yet - I’ve exported them earlier today so they will be in the next update.

Thanks Chris - I’d assumed if I could see them in the online database, they would be in the binding. That’s clearly not the case - I’m still learning here.

I’ll do a bit more work on the Fibaro units. I did see the additional channel at one point but then rebuilt my rig that I’m testing out and I haven’t seen it since. I’ll look harder for the two versions.

No - I do an export into the actual binding once or twice a week - I just did one tonight, so both be updated now.