Can't stream the RTSP of TP-Link Tapo C200

Maybe someone can help me here?

Raspberry Pi
TP-Link Tapo C200

I tried adding different camera widgets and non can show the RTSP. Is it possible to show the RTSP of the cam in OpenHab?


(I have the same issue here…)
Maybe the config is not correct.
What settings did you use for your thing to add it to OpenHAB?

Well I did everything with the GUI of OH3 never opened a config file.
So this is what I have:
BINDING: ONVIF IP Camera - inserted the IP, port and the channels - works well it shows green
PAGE/WIDGET: Any widget I try cannot play the RTSP

=> My thought is that RTSP is impossible for OH, maybe only http ?

I think you should use a software to transcode the RTSP-stream to HTTP-stream (MJPEG) like VLC.

i get my cams work with ffmpg. but now my PI3 had a load of 5. without the cams the pi has a load of 0.5. and i have at the moment only 2 of 4 cams connectet. i thing this could not be a good solution

I totally agree. I used the same solution but I gave up for the same reason :frowning:
I think, there is a workaround which consist on launching the ffmpeg transcoding process only if needed (if applicable for your case).

So, do you think the best solution for the current technology / OH3 + Pi is to buy only HTTP cams and not RTSP?

That comes down to a hardware limitation I’d think. Expecting a Pi to transcode 5 cameras is not realistic.

As far as I know the Video Card is not going to be capable of showing an RTSP stream, it would need to be transcoded to something that is more easily and natively viewed on a web browser. That’s why many people go for cameras that can output mjpeg, as it’s more friendly for native web browser viewing.

The binding will turn RTSP into either HLS or MJPEG, you can then use one of those in a widget. I would try and use mjpeg first as it has low delay and is more comptiable.

Correct. if you have that many some people prefer to use a dedicated server like Zonealarm, Blue Iris, or Motion…
I use a Odroid N2+ and it can handle a few cameras, but a pi probably will struggle with 1 in realtime in high FPS.

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