Capture Z-Wave data packets

I am working on a project for my University, and I would like to know if there is a way to capture data from the Z-Wave protocol and display on Wireshark for further analysis. Up to now, I have tried some stuff that I have found online but nothing seems to work. Could you please help me?
Thank you.

See Monitor the network traffic of Z-wave/ZigBee.

Note that you will have to purchase or build a device to sniff the network. Zwave is its own wireless networking protocol and is not WiFi.

Thank you. I have already seen this post. I have a HackRF one, is it possible to sniff the network using this sdr?

Probably but it’d probably be a whole lot of work. And if your devices use the Security command class, all the traffic will be encrypted.

Yeah I know that, I already spent a lot of time without success! My devices use security command class, but I guess it’s the S0 and not the S2. Is there a way to find it out?

You’d have to look in the manuals. The OH binding currently doesn’t support S2 so if you are using them with OH then they are not using S2. All devices that support S2 also support S0.

Yes I am using them with the OH binding. Is there any binding on the market that supports S2?

Maybe the Zway binding, but that binding doesn’t natively talk to the zwave controller. It interacts with the Zway REST API and all the Z-Wave stuff lives in that proprietary software.

Ok. Thank you very much!