Card at-a-glance badges - Does not work

The new invention “Card at-a-glance badges” does not work on my openhabian setup for some reason. It should work by using the semantic model only. Not in my case:



Shouldn’t it show temperature and humidity?

Here the setup:


I also tried to select temperature and humidity:


It should display all if none are selected. Both options did not give me the desired result.

Any ideas?

Could you please post your semantic model tags, you set for each item in your “Draussen” card (“HM Garten Temperatursensor”-group, “Humidity”-item and “Temperature”-item)?

Maybe you can fix it with these infos!

Hey Dave,

thank you! I figured it out: Wrong tags! :upside_down_face: :+1:


It is that easy, if you now where to look…


Sorry, next question: Do you know the right tag setup for a light dimmer?

This seems to work inconsistent:

Hi Timo,

it’s the same as for a regular lamp.
Point “Control” or “Switch” and property “Light”.

For lights it only shows if lights are on

I have the same problem, not a single badget is shown on locations or equipment cards

found how to do it

I have the same problem. Here is my configuration:

Can anyone help me out? :slight_smile:
I run the openhab image in a docker container on a synology NAS, but that should not be the problem imho.

Sorry, i can only put one Picture in the post, because i’m a new user. If someone needs another screenshot i can upload it in another post later.