Anyone knows if this binding:

will be ported to oh3?

Best Regards,
Fernando Gomes

Compatibility is tracked in this Issue.


@magd1978 do you plan do the port to OH3 ? I will help, if you need.

Best Regards,
Fernando Gomes

If they did not develop an OH2 version the binding can be safely considered abandoned. You can run it on OH2 and use the remoteopenhab binding to control the Items from OH3.

Hello, Fernando!

YES!!! I want to port Cardio2e binding to OH3.

I had already started working on this port with the OH2 development environment, with the idea of making it compatible with OH3 as well, but I don’t have time to do it right now, so I really appreciate your help.

By your name I have thought that you could speak Spanish. Do you speak spanish? My English is not very fluent.

It would be interesting if we could talk by Skype or another platform, better than by e-mail, to explain my idea of the port and coordinate the work.

Best regards,
Alberto Guerrero.

You can also use private messaging here. Just click the user name. like this.


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I sent to you a pm. :slight_smile:


:+1: O.K. I answered it.