Carrier Côr and Bryant Housewise thermostats

The Ecobee binding for openHAB now supports the Carrier Côr and Bryant Housewise wi-fi thermostats. From Ecobee’s developer web site:

ecobee is proud to be the engine behind the Carrier Côr and Bryant Housewise thermostat platform. Our APIs can be used by 3rd party developers to create web or mobile applications that integrate with our thermostat platform. Simply register your Carrier Côr or Bryant Housewise thermostat …

Separately, the binding has been updated for 1.8 to report the thermostat’s brand and additional features it supports, like Apple HomeKit.

I have a Bryant Evolution Connex (A series Wifi system).

It has a RESTful API and supports OAuth2, but it seems they don’t want to allow individuals access to the API.
The housewise looks similar. Any idea if they have the same API under the hood?

I would REALLY like to integrate my OpenHab2 system with my thermostat.

I know this is an old thread… Not to raise the dead but has their been any traction on getting an API to work with the Bryant Evolution? I just ordered one for our new house…


We had one installed last Dec. I too am interested in this integration