Case for Pi

Been running openHAB on a Pi3 for a week or so now with a Aeon Labs 2nd gen Zstick and its been great!.. I currently am looking for a case for the pi. Im thinking of maybe getting a ABS plastic wall mount case to store the pi and anything else that directly connects to it to keep it separated and organized. Also having the case be plastic will allow the zwave stick to communicate. Just wondering what everyone else is using as a case out there for their pi?

Here is a pic of the case:

And the link:


Whilst a nice sealed case for HA kit is handy to keep dust and prying fingers out of sensitive electronics, I’d suggest you get something as large as possible for the outer layer.

A small case with dressed cable management looks great… right until you need to attach an HDMI cable for debugging, and fumble the uSD card down the back of a screwed down PCB standoff! :grinning:

I’ve gone with an accessible Pi case mounted on a plywood back board to give support to the cables and other kit. The Pi and back board are attached with Velcro dots so are secure, but can be removed for maintenance. Holes through the plywood can secure Velcro cable ties to provide strain relief, tidy up USB serial cables, but still allow easy removal.

There are cheaper cases with keyhole screw mounts, but my favourite is still Pimoroni. The Pibo 3 Coupe is a decent tradeoff between insulation and access to the header pins (e.g. for a RaZberry Z-Wave interface):

How about a nice Kodi TV case? Have options to all ports in a nice looking box.

I definitely have thought about just that… that’s a good point about being able to access the hdmi port. One thing that i was thinking about doing for that is getting a small hdmi cable and just adding a hdmi keystone jack to the side of the case that is easy to access. Or even having a monitor mounted in my network closet and just have the hdmi ran directly to it.

Maybe it will be interesting for someone.

Just recently I finished small improvement in my installation: 19’’ rack mount case for Raspberry Pi.

It contains:

This is how it looks: