Cast Openhab screen to chromecast devices Openhab 3.4


I saw this video: Use Google Displays with Home Assistant (Step By Step) - YouTube

and it uses a program called catt which I can use to cast my Openhab screen to a chromecast device that has a screen. E.G my TV has a chromecast plugged into it.

I can get the Openhab screen to display no problems and it even worked first time I did it BUT how do I get the web UI not to show the side panel (the panel that has the log on thing on it and menus)?

It was as easy as this:
pip3 install catt
catt scan
catt -d “Greg chromcast” cast_site

The screen on the TV shows like this:

But I would like it to look like this:

Is there a way to do this?
I tried adding this to the Solar_overview page code:

hideNavbar: true
hideSidebarIcon: true
showFullscreenIcon: false

But the side menu thing was still there.
Maybe I need to be able to log in as another user somehow using http?

So close to being a handy display item.
The page I am trying to display is just a normal page.



I’m rooting around for the same solution. Suspect you found it. Can you post if you did for future reference? I’ll do it too if I find the answer…

The only way I have found is to cast the screen to the device and then press the small pin icon to remove the side menu.
Then I stop the casting and when it gets cast again it seems to “remember” the setting so it displays full screen.

Thanks… trying to show a dashboard on Screenly and no mouse. I wish parameters could go in the URL.

My screen is a touch screen.
Can you cast it to some other device and then set the screen and then cast it to the device you want to use?
That may work?

Just tested that theory as I have 2 google displays but it looks like the screen is per display.
I set one screen with the menu showing and then stopped the casting and then cast to the other display but it didn’t have the menu showing on the side.

I think I need to install VNC or something, which isn’t really worth the effort for what I’m trying to do at the moment. Maybe I’ll try another kiosk app on this Pi at some point. Thanks for the tips!

I’m not sure, if I should open a new topic, but let me try here.

Casting works perfectly.

Is there a way to hide the navbar (top) and sidebar (at the side) using URL parameters? I want to view the page on my PC with the bars, but my TV has no mouse or anything… I could not find anything, so I have little hope…


Mine works OK with a touch screen and it remembers the settings so it isn’t too bad.
It would be great if the google nest let you just open the local openHab web page.