Categories documentation is missing

The page at offers a link to a dedicated page, explaining Categories. Very cool, but when i click this link i get 404. :frowning:
Can anyone at least give a proper link ?

The source code for that page is here. It looks like the URL on the thing-xml.html page should be correct. @Confectrician, any ideas?

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Yes it is on the way of reintegration.
I have refactored the whole page some days ago, but the build was showing some errors. I am back from holidays now and will pick it up now.

Just for information.
The page is back since some days.
I think there are some icons missing and we have to check what has changed.
But that was expected, since I only refactored an old version to the new docs style.

Thank you very much. Yes, the page now works and indeed some icons are missing.

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