CC2531 and Ikea Tradfri

Hello Guys,

I have a general question concerning the CC2531 and IKEA Tradfri. I am using the CC2531 without mqtt, I flashed it with the follwoing software:

and added then the CC2531 directly to openHAB. It works perfectly with some china ZigBee devices like LED Controllers. Now I try to add a Ikea Tradfri Smart-Plug but openhab can’t find it. I already read about the problems with the IKEA bridge, but I can’t find any debugging with using only the CC2531 WITHOUT MQTT.

So can anyone tell me something about the problems and whether it works at all. If it doesn’t work (I already heard something about the same problems with philipps and the cc2531) then I wonder what the CC2531 is for at all.

Thank you very much and have a gread day!

openhab 2.4 on Raspberry Pi 3

What OH binding are you using? The Zigbee one?

Hi, yes, the Zigbee and after that i tried the Ikea one, which normally only works with the tradfri gateway, right?

Just a thought - if you are swapping between the Ikea hub, and the ZigBee binding, you will need to reset the device to factory settings each time you change.

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Can you confirm what IKEA Tradfri products you are talking about? And are you trying to use them through the Tradfri Gateway? Or just stand-alone?


I am using the smart plug and with the plug the remote control.

I dont have the tradfri gateway, i want to use all zigbee products with the cc2531.

Are you resetting the device to factory defaults when you try to get it to join?

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Yes, I Do. I reset the device, then searching for New Devices in openhab from the Zigbee binding.

I read something about that the plug is Not the smart Thing but the remote control. But the remote control i cant Find too in openhab.

Can you go to this page and tell us exactly which products you have?

Besides the not exact knowledge of the problem/what is not working/how your setup is, I can tell you that the tradfi remote which came with the bulbs can be paired with the zigbee binding. However as they use groups for their commands, you won’t see any channels - please correct me Chris if something has changed here. Z2m has this working.
but for all the other devices, the zigbeebbinding should work withoutsany issuesand flawlessly

Hey guys,

Thank for your help. So here again my problem explained step for step. I have the following products:

  • E1603/E1702
  • E1524/E1810

I am using the Zigbee Stick cc2531 without the zigbee2mqtt

I take the remote control and push the reset button for 10 seconds. Then the remote starts to blink and then i search for new devices in openhab (via “+” - > “Zigbee Binding”)

But i can’t find any devices.

What any Information do you need? Sorry for the Not exact questions but I am new to openhab…


Start with the debug logs mentioned in the official documentation.

Are you sure that this is going to reset the plug? I’ve not come across this way to reset Ikea devices - Hue uses this approach, but every Ikea device I’ve come across is reset directly (although I’ve not tested this device).

To get this specific remote into pairing mode the following instructions could be followed: I appreciate it’s different to the IKEA instructions, but does this work @Flippo710? Note that this will reset the remote, not the plug! To reset the plug, try these instructions:

(I presume ‘reseting’ the device is the same as getting it into ‘pairing’ mode).

@hafniumzinc Please quit posting zigbee2mqtt links to a zigbee binding thread. They are not using that binding.

Ha! I’m providing easily accessible instructions on how to get each device into pairing mode. Where those instructions are located is irrelevant.


Yes, it should be. I normally recommend to reset the device - this will put the device into pairing mode since it is not on the network. Ensuring it’s reset though covers the situation where the device is already paired to a network, since a device cannot be paired to more than one network. If it’s already paired to a network, it must either be removed (ie through sending a leave request from the coordinator) or reset - otherwise it will never join a new network.

Okay, I think I give up with the tradfri. Again, I reseted the remote (or the plug) and then I went to Inbox -> “+”
-> Zigbee binding…

Nothing happened. Exactly the same with the plug…

Any other idea or do you need still more information? I think I’ll try the Philipps plug next…

I also had a lot of issues with the zigbee binding using the CC2531 and finally gave up on this one. I would have preferred this “native” way in openHAB but never got it running in a reliable way.
Switching to zigbee2mqtt did the trick for me and supports all my devices (IKEA Tradfri bulbs, several Aqara sensors, innr plugs, …)