CC2531 and OpenHab how to start

-Raspberry pi 3 b+

I bought the CC2531 from Ebay with CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex (25.04.2019) pre flashed, the goal is to connect some Xiaomi sensors and buttons to OpenHab.
-Is this firmware compatible with OH?
-Could someone with experience help-me, by indicating were to start I’m a bit confused with the information on the web…

I am not familiar with your hardware, but here are my suggestions learning OpenHAB.

Start with the Concepts section of the documentation.

If you have not already installed OpenHAB, move on to the Installation Overview.

Then progress to the New User Tutorial.

Then it is time to wade into the Configuration Guide.

The people here are very helpful.


I used this stick, too. But as far as I know, there is no out of the box binding.

I use zigbee2mqtt to connect to my zigbee devices. You´ll also need a mqtt-broker. You can use the one from openHab. I use a seperate mosquitto broker as I already used it for other things.
In openHab you need to work with the mqtt messages. There are different ways to do it. I currently use nodered for it but will switch to openHab rules in the future.

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Openhab has a ZigBee binding -:

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Hello Chris,

sorry for my wrong wording. I know your binding and appreciate your awsome work! I was under the wrong impression that your binding does not support the CC-stick. But this is wrong.

To make a long story short:
If your devices work with chris zigbee binding: use it. It is easy to setup and integrates perfect into openHab.
If your devices will (currently) not work (i.e. some Ikea tradfri dimmer/remotes), you can use zigbee2mqtt with your stick.

My tradfri and hue bulbs worked with the zigbee binding. The remotes/dimmer only from hue. I have not tested my Xiaomi doors-sensors with it, as I have switched to zigbee2mqtt. But the setup and integration with mqtt is a bit more complex and doesn´t fit that perfect into openHab as the zigbee binding from chris.

Best regards

Hi Chris,
So, do you think CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex (25.04.2019) work with the binding?
I installed your binding plugged the CC2531 (pre flashed) in the Raspberry and made a discovery, and nothing appears. But as I’m a noob probably I’m missing something, do I?
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Did you try adding it as a Thing using the Zigbee binding? That is how the zwave controller works.

Yes, thats wat I did.

I’m not really sure - I don’t know what this date means as the firmware normally has a version number? The CC2531 firmware required is specified in the docs - the latest 3.0 firmware probably doesn’t work fully at the moment, and TI are not maintaining this any more. Are you using the ZB3.0 firmware, or the older firmware?

It’s a little hard to comment much though on your issue with limited information.

Is it work now?

I’m not familiar with this firmware, so I am not sure if it is compatible with the binding.

Are there any plans to support zigbee2tasmota with sonoff zigbee gateway? I understood that this is already supported by mqtt binding, but I would prefer native binding.

I’m not familiar with these. I think they use the standard EZSP protocol so they should work. I should add that as far as I understand these are not using the CC2531.

Native for which protocol? You cannot expect support added to the Zigbee binding for Wi-Fi devices. You would need a separate binding that matches the supported features of that particular gateway.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, they use EZSP protocol. But the gateway is not a serial device. I found a tutorial, where this device is bound to home assistant by defining a “serial” connection via socket://<IP>:<PORT>. Is such a configuration possible with the openhab binding? That would be great.
Thanks alot.

Here the link to the tutorial

That would be in the serial feature apart from the Z-Wave binding. I believe @wborn has considered adding this functionality.

Thanks for your reply. So I consider purchasing the gateway, make a test and report.


Not everybody wants to add mqtt complexity.

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