CCTV Cameras

Hi again Everyone

I’m getting ready / thinking about adding a small CCTV system too my home but i’m not sure where too start yet as there are so many things to consider.

is there a certain feature i need too be on the lookout for too get it working with OpenHAB/HABPanel

i want too display my camera feeds on habpannell and also create a rule for when motion detected by camera too switch habpannel too the active feed

i’m also interested in displaying a feed on my tv and also kodi all of these things hopeully handled by openhab

also what setup is everyone using ? anything you would have done different if you did it again ?

RTSP, ONVIF or MPEG streaming access locally.

You are almost certainly going to want to use something like ZoneMinder, iSpy, or Shinobi to manage your cameras. openHAB pretty much lets you show the video feeds on your sitemap. That’s about it.

There are some tutorials for other things that can be done with IP cameras like show the feed in PIP on a TV, but most of the heavy lifting takes place outside of OH. OH is a home automation system, not a CCTV system and there is very little overlap between the two requirements.

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Thanks Rich that’s the main thing I needed too know

I have used this before along time ago for use with webcams and an internal cctv system

I was thinking about using a cctv server software something I need too research more I will have a look at the others you recommended

I understand this I mainly want too be able too display the cameras on habpanel as I say the main rules would be for when habpannel would switch too this veiw

Thanks for some pointers rich do you have a cctv system if so what type are you using?

I use BlueIris and display feeds proxied through nginx onto HabPanel

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Not everyone requires going all the way with a CCTV software running on a server. When choosing your camera, select one from a brand that this binding has better support for, then you have the option to use these cameras with or without CCTV software or to slowly build the system as time and budget permits.

I ran Zoneminder for awhile with a single RaspiCam. I have plans to resurrect the project though I’ll probably use Shinobu this time.

I do still have the RaspiCam feed on my sitemap but only use it in taste cases to set if the garage is left open and for some reason I can’t trust the other sensors.

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I have also heard of this from linustechtips and been recommended here what cameras are you using

That’s for the link too that binding could be useful I already have a server running 24/7 so adding some cctv software is no big deal

I use Dahua

What system is blue iris running on?

How have you found it I have watched a few videos about it does look nice

It runs on my QNAP nas, its excellent! highly recommended. 10 cameras recording at 1080p. Nas has 32gb ram and Xeon Quad core cpu

I was thinking runs on a nas can’t be bad continued reading and then realised that’s one powerfull nas :smiley:

QNAP 880U RP, newer hardware is far better but this was used with disks for a great price

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It looks nice too

I don’t think my machines anywhere near that powerfull it’s just a Ryzen 1600 system running hyper v

Blueiris is best run on Intel CPUs with QuickSync, i wouldnt use it on an AMD CPU unless it was one of the latest gen ones

The ryzen system already runs 24/7 providing small network services,

I don’t think i can add another dedicated system my network already uses enought power sadly :frowning: and the system is hardly using resources it just sits there semi idle most of the time.

I have been reading on the blueiris site n already seen the Intel thing (Intel is always recommended for everything i have ever used)

Sounds like a job for virtualization.

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Correct. Intel for its QuickSync. I actually purchased a GTX 1080 to see how much more headroom Nvidia CUDA will give me. My CPU% was roughly the same with all the tweaks I could think off. The GPU was returned to Amazon :smiley:

if your record or base unit for your CCTV exposes rtsp ports for each camera, or all your cameras are ip cameras you could look at something like motioneye. That’s what i use. MotioneyeOS on a raspberry pi or two (depending on if i hijack one or not) then i have motioneye running on a vm to do the heavier lifting (motion dectection, recording, ect.) Motioneye also exposes all the individual cameras on a different RTSP port, so you could load specific cameras in to openhab’s dashboard or hit the url for a snapshot.

At one time I had a motiondetection script running on motioneye, that tripped a virtual switch in openhab for motion detected. Turned on lights, and openhab would create an email with a snapshot of the camera and sent it to me, as well as sending messages to any and all XBMC/KODI boxes on my network.