Cell widget / group details / show items grouped


I am using a label cell widget for my lights at my overview screen.

Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-12 um 18.20.55

I choose group details as action type an get this after a click on it:

But i would like, get the switch/dimmer/colorpicker items to show directly at the popup grouped by their parent groups like at the devices screen:

Is this somehow possible with standard cell widget?

Thanks in advance,

Not really, no. The location, equipment, and property widgets are special UI features not available in the standard system. To get something like this you have to create your own custom version and even then replicating all of the features takes a lot of effort.

These quickest thing you can do is just to put all the switch/dimmer/colorpicker items that you want in a specific group for this purpose and then use that group as the group popup item. You won’t get the breadcrumb labels but it’ll be close.

Thanks for this fast reply!

The items are already grouped by lamps.
Do i understand it right, that there is no support for nested groups?

The nested groups in the group popup will be collapsed by default but you can click on them and they will then open that group, so you could also put all the lamp equipment groups into one group and do that as long as you don’t mind the one extra click.

This i already did - just would like to avoid the extra click.

Alas, you’ll have to build something yourself then.