CEN commands in OH3 no longer working

Hi all, I have finally managed to migrate to OH3 with some challenges but after a fresh install and lot of tuning all seems to work. I an using the OpenWebNet binding to control a BTicino system. What I am not able to make work again is CEN commands on my MH202.
Thing bus_cen_scenario_control CEN_Apri_Mud “SApri Mud” [ where=“11”, buttons=“3” ]

String iCEN_Apri_Mud “Apri Mud” { channel=“openwebnet:bus_cen_scenario_control:mh202:CEN_Apri_Mud:button_3” }


Switch item=iCEN_Apri_Mud label=“Mud Room []” mappings=[PRESSED=“Apri”] icon=“lock”

On OH2.5 was working well. Any idea on how to fix this?

under oh3 cen is still not implemented, see here:

Thanks, that’s what I feared. Any idea when it will be released or if at all will be released?

no sorry, i would also like it to be implemented.

wenn looking here:

it seems thermo will be implemented next, that i would also like :slight_smile: