Central Heating wall mointed wireless thermostat- recommendationa

Looking for cheap thermostat:

Battery powered
Wireless : zigbee preferred
Temp sensor
Simply temp setting / programming
MQTT support to send current and set temperature to MQTT server
No need for line/ neutral/ additional floor temp sensors and 16A voltage to power sth

It will be used to trigger floor heating valves via other hardware (raspberry with relays)

Hi Jacek,

If you are thinking of updating an old wall thermostat then you could use a sonoff basic with a built-in DHT22 temp sensor. Sonoff basics have 4 spare gpio pins on the board that lets you add a temp sensor. It’s super easy to set up, I have 12 of these running my underfloor heating. You don’t need to add relays near the underfloor heating actuators as the sonoff basic is the relay thermostat. With a simple rule, you can set your room temperature setpoint to 21c, when it goes below it turns on, and above it turns off. I flashed the sonoff with tasmota and connected it to OH via MQTT.
All this can be done for very cheap and it’s faultless.

Hi, Thank you for your help, but its not the use case i am looking for.

I need a wall mounted thermostat with plus/minus buttons and current / target temp to visualize current heating details. Battery prefered sth like danfoss icon which will be then connected to openhab via zigbe2mqtt. Od IT will have temp sensor build in perfect !

Is there sth cheaper than Danfos icon ?

I use Drayton Wiser. It may not be quite what you are looking for but since you’ve described a solution rather than what you are trying to achieve, it might be suitable.

The room stats are battery operated, have plus and minus buttons and it shows current and target temp, as well as humidity. You can also set a boost time from the unit. It is Zigbee.

It doesn’t support MQTT but you wouldn’t need it because Wiser has an OpenHAB binding. If you need MQTT for additional purposes, then you could use OpenHAB to publish to MQTT.

For me, a significant advantage is that it works standalone so my heating isn’t incapacitated is OpenHAB is off line or I mess up the configuration.