Certificate expired

not causing much grief except KIS is complaining every time i open a email from the community

It’s showing an expiration date of 1/1/2021 for me.

Most browsers won’t even let you bring up a web page with an expired certificate.

There is definitely something up…

running a check at https://www.ionos.com/tools/ssl-checker shows the intermediate ok, but the server cert as expired.

As far I see on https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=community.openhab.org&s=
the server hosts two certificates and one of them is expired.

@digitaldan do you maintain the serves certificates ?
I assume the second ( expired ) certificate was used during transition period of the new certificate.
Shouldn’t it be removed ?

Thanks for the heads up! Its very strange, i’m not sure whats going on. I had a reminder to check on our cert that expired on Jan 1st as i thought it odd that it had not auto renewed yet . I’ll check it out.

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