Chamberlain MyQ Binding

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I wrote a binding for my Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener. I tried to make it generic so it could work with any MyQ Garage Door Opener. I was hoping some people could try it out and see if it works for them. I made a Wiki page on my openHAB fork with all the configuration information:

The JAR file can be downloaded from my google drive at the link below:

Thanks for the feedback!


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Definitely interested in this binding. Will give it a shot in the next few days.

So I just installed it, and provided my config info. However I only ever see the refresh service start in the log, nothing that identifies a particular device #.

Can you start in debug mode and find in the debug logs the JSON string at “Received MyQ Device Data:” I will look and see if your JSON format is different.

Doesn’t look like I get any more information with the debug logging enabled. Still just showing the ‘myq Refresh Service has been started line’. That’s the only thing in the log that comes out of ‘grep myq’ or ‘grep MyQ’.

I would make sure your config file is setup right with your username and password and the pound"#" sign are removed from the beginning of the line.

Rogue spaces at the beginning of the config lines! Now I’m seeing log data, will let you know how it goes.

Alright so the binding is loading now. I just PM’d you a copy of my JSON. I get this line w/ no data. I’m assuming this should show me a list of my devices associated with that MyQ account? The JSON seems to contain it, maybe mine is different than yours as you suggested in the previous post?

18:07:47.700 [INFO ] [.b.myq.internal.GarageDoorData:57 ] - Chamberlain MyQ Devices:

I put a new jar file in my google drive that I hope will work for you.

Nothing different with that version. I assume you meant the same link above?

Anything I can do to help narrow down the issue? I would love to get this working, its been the missing piece for some of my rules for coming home / leaving.

Try this link I think I didn’t regenerate the link right before.

Awesome! It works!

Having a little bit of weirdness with the garage door state. But that may be the mobile app being stupid about updating properly. Will dig in further and let you know if I find anything.

Does the Switch work to trigger the garage door to open/close?

Yep, the updates just aren’t quite as fast as I was initially expecting.

[Edit: I didn’t read the wiki, going to play with the polling interval]

I also changed my sitemap switch to look more like the garage button. The on/off button that was really a toggle was confusing me for a bit. I was thinking it was tracking the door state, but its really just a toggle.

Switch item=GarageDoorOpener mappings=[ON="Toggle"]

It polling interval is 1 minute by default. I have the same “lag” issue so I am going to look into other ways to see if there is a better way to do it. Thanks for the help.

Thanks goes all to you. This has been a hole in my OpenHAB implementation. Awesome to have this working! :smile:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the myq binding. I’m getting the error listed below and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to resolve the issue?

Line 25: 21:33:02.326 [DEBUG] [o.binding.myq.internal.myqData:132 ] - Received MyQ Login
Line 25: 21:33:02.326 [DEBUG] [o.binding.myq.internal.myqData:132 ] - Received MyQ Login
Line 25: 21:33:02.326 [DEBUG] [o.binding.myq.internal.myqData:132 ] - Received MyQ Login
Line 29: 21:33:02.486 [ERROR] [binding.myq.internal.LoginData:58 ] - Could not read Set
Line 30: tings-Json from myq site.


The MyQ website removed the API calls I was using. I am trying to update the binding to use the newer methods but it is not working yet. I will post the new binding as soon as I get it working. Thanks,

I updated the binding to the newer v4 MyQ API. I started making a list of working hardware on the Wiki and I have added my garage door opener. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Just got this working with my WD832KEV 1/2 HP Belt drive. Thanks for putting this together, this was definitely a missing piece in my project!

Would a RollerShutter item work better, for displaying status/command in one item?