Chamberlain MyQ status of connection

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to OH2 but recently moved my home over from Vera. one of the features I’m trying to add, is a text item in my sitemap that would include the last successful check to MyQ. Not sure what’s going on with my binding, but it is having problems on & off, logging items like this:

$Path=/; $". Illegal domain attribute “”. Domain of origin: “
2019-01-23 10:11:18.742 [ERROR] [nhab.binding.myq.internal.MyqBinding] - Could not connect to MyQ service

I’m not sure if this is actually service impacting yet, but I was hoping to see when it last successfully checked in with the service. Any ideas if that’s possible?

edit for what it’s worth, I have the 828LM. The OpenHab app on my phone seems to work correctly for opening & closing, but when I use the garage door remotes, the app does not ever update - I’ve left it for over an hour as a test. Perhaps there is something else missing or incorrect. I am controlling 2 doors with the 828LM and both work correctly when only used with the OpenHab App.


Ok, I think I have this figured out. My problem was that the MyQ addon in 2.4 was pulling the addon version 1.13.0something. I found this post

which mentioned there was a newer version. I grabbed that JAR file, put it in /usr/share/openhab2/addons restarted my openhab2 service, went to inbox & I added the MyQ gateway (in my case the 828LM) which wanted my log in info for Chamberlain. Once that was in, I inboxed added again & bam, both of my garage doors showed up.

I then added an items file for them with this contents:

Switch GarageDoor1State “Garage 1 State” (Home) [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:yourthingnum:devicenum:doorstate” }
String GarageDoor1Status “Garage 1 Status [%s]” { channel=“chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:yourthingnum:devicenum:doorstatus” }
Switch Garage2State “Garage 2 State” (Home) [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:yourthingnum:devicenum:doorstate” }
String Garage2Status “KsT Garage Status [%s]” { channel=“chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:yourthingnum:devicenum:doorstatus” }

and finally in my sitemap:

Switch item=Garage1State
Text item=Garage1Status
Switch item=Garage2State
Text item=Garage2Status

It’s all looking good!

The version 1.13 binding did pull things like the serial number and other random facts, but it wasn’t checking in w/ their service properly, even though it could control the door. The new version is working great, door status updates when done manually via an opener now too.

I posted a bundle here in hopes someone else may find this and use the info!