Change background and text on web UI in 1.8.3

Hi All,

I have figured out that I need to make the changes in the file org.openhab.ui.webapp_1.8.3.jar
I have unpacked it in an empty directory, made the changes, packed it using jar cf ../org.openhab.ui.webapp_1.8.3.jar * and placed it in the addons directory. Deleted the old one from server/plugins/ as suggested here.

After it I started the server using and UI does not start. There are no error messages either. If I place a http binding jar in addons, it is immediately noticed and appears in the list output of the bundles command. My jar does not appear.

The access rights are the same for both jars.

Is it possible that the jar file is invalid? How do I tell?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards: Balazs Bamer

Hi All,

I have discovered the cause. Without specifying the necessary manifest file, jar adds only a general one, which inhibits loading the jar file. Sorry for the post.

best regards: Balazs