Change from dockerized openHab 3.1.0 -> 3.2.0 & use external DB

At the moment, I’m running OpenHab in a single Docker Container on a Synology NAS. Now I want to change to 3.2.0 and also use an external MariaDB instance for settings and time series data.

The goal is to change the container at any time, connect it to the MariaDB and have all time series and settings available. How can I do that?

Thanks! Christoph

You map the openHAB data folder to a folder somewhere (I use /opt/) and when you update the container you keep the same data volumes.
If there are no breaking changes, the new container will start with the same configuration.
(That was how i upgrades from v2.5 to v3)

If you rely on jdbc persistence then you need to point out network location of mysql server. This means that you either have to assign a name to mysql container or make both container part of the same network in docker.
If you run mysql directly on NAS you could try mounting unix socket onto openhab and find a way to get mysql/maria driver to rely on it.

Yes - persistence of time series is something I want to keep. But much more important are the settings which cost me hours to setup…