Change from "own" solution to Openhab, possible?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry 3+ (and two Raspberry 2)

actuall I have running a own “solution” for my home and the data I collect and need.
This is a shell script with python parts, and a webserver. On the wall in the living room there is a 10" tablet which simple show the webpage what the raspberry periodically updates (one per minute).

Actuall I only display informations I collect, no interaction like shutter (pressing up/donw, or scheduling something).
But now I plan shutter control (first step).

Actuall I have integrated:

  • own Netatmo weatherstation with rain and wind sensor (with a shell API)
  • Water consumption (4 signals per liter, Raspberry GPIO port used)
  • 230V Electrical consumption (2000 signals per KWh, GPIO port)
  • Temperatures form heater (data coming per ssh from other Raspberry (2 floors higher)
  • Alarm system: Used door contacts, connected on the Rasperry GPIO’s. Send mail and message.

Now I’m in the finding phase, if OpenHab can be my solution.

  • Is it with Openhab possible to display data from Netatmo weatherstation?
  • Can I use my “signals” from water and electrical consumption in Openhab to measure and display the consumption?
  • Can I use “remote” Rasperrys to use their data what they collect locally (Temperaturs, status of a door (open/close)? For distance reason (and no cable betwen) it’s not possible to connect these “sensores” direct to the main Raspberry! I have to use the WIFI / Router to send the data from one to other.
    Actuall the “data” are in files which I send by ssh, the Main Rasperry read the copied files periodically (I know, dirty :wink: )
  • can I switch on and off the alarm (with a activation delay?), show door status (open/close) ?

Next step will be buy “actor” (HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM ?) so I can connect my shutter with the home automation (so I can also open/close also when traveling my shutters)

Will be great if someone give short hints if possible yes/now or need more details :wink:

Thanks !

All of what you have can be reused or reimplemented in openHAB. There’s a GPIO binding, an exec binding (to call any UNIX command), a Netatmo binding and many more.

Yes you can keep your data collectors, but most people with a similar HW setup would use MQTT rather than ssh to transfer data (as it’s synchronous and realtime) so I suggest moving there.

Well I you don’t have already settled on Homematic I would take a break at this stage and read up more on home automation systems. Homematic is proprietary and while openHAB can control all of them, I’d rather advise to go for a standards based solution such as Z-Wave (more choices, better support, less risk w.r.t lifecycle etc.)

Hi, thanks for your feedback, so I will check what MQTT is exactly and how to change my scripts.

The reason I talk about the actor “HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM” was, this shutter control has physical switches (up/down) and the possibility to connect to the Homeatic-central on the Raspberry, which (hopefully) runs OpenHab. And they are not so expensive (50 Euro),
Is there a solution with Z-Wave possible? Name, Part-No.?
On the receiver side (Raspian), the parts from are correct? The “CC1101-USB-Lite 868MHz (CUL)” ?
Or what “parts” will be a good start with to use two shutters and one heating controller with OpenHab?
(for the other things like water consumption and Netatmo I don’t need new hardware)

Thx in advance for further hints!

Welcome to OH,

Yes, there is a binding

Most probably, if you get them somehow in python, they can be parsed into OH

Definitely yes, the best protocol for this is MQTT as mentioned above

Depends on the sensors and the way they communicate but OH has currently more than 200 bindings and thousands of devices. Furthermore with a bit of python or command line or js there are thousand more available. This flexibility is what makes OH the best platform out there.

Welcome and good luck

If you are thinking about Homematic, you could also use Homegear. This is an open source Homematic interface. (It is also included in openHABian.) Best hardware to use with Homegear/Homematic according to my opinion is this

Oh dear, lot of options or possibilitys …

Really not sure what the best solution will be for me …

Must not be the cheapest, but also will not pay to much for every part I need …

It seems the already used parts (Netatmo, water consumption, alarm) will be (“easy”) possible with OpenHab.
But what about the new part, shutter control:
What parts can I use here, because I need physical switches to move the shutter up/down and also the communication to the “server” (openhab).

And this module will also work with OpenHab?

Yes, and that problem becomes even greater with openHAB as it actually supports so many choices :wink:

As I already said, it’s a good time to take a break before you progress making fundamental technology choices. Don’t select proprietary systems if you don’t own them already. They come with the need for additional protocol/functional translation and in general terms, this will never work as smoothly as ‘direct’ control does. Also think what if the company to manufacture your devices leaves the market or does not offer what you need for your next extension or changes policy so your devices don’t work any more the way you need them to (several examples available to read up on such as the Loxone/Modbus annoyance).
I suggested Z-Wave because it’s a vendor-neutral standard and will also allow for attaching for all sorts of automation actuators and sensors. Same for MQTT.
Think long-term: what will you want to automate, what’s values/sensors you would need for this to be available
(think heating, presence detection, lighting, …).
Read up some of the user stories in this forum to get more insight what others do and how they do it.
Think of how to operate your server reliably (go openHABian and think of spare parts and backup).

Fibaro FGRM-222 or Qubino Flush Shutter.
And you would need a server-side controller such as a RaZberry board/UZB USB stick or an Aeon gen 5 USB stick.