Change Homematic CCU2 to CCU3 with existing OH 3.3.0 installation

Hi all,

I will probably soon switch form CCU2 to CCU3 with homematic.
I have running OH 3.3.0.
It seems that I can upload a CCU2 backup into CCU3 and all items should be ready. Now the question. What happens at OH level?
Is there any chance to ensure consistency or do I have to delete all Items and things and discover everything from scratch?

Is there any experience here?


Hi Sven

I did the exact same thing a few months ago. For me it was definitely not a 1:1 replacement in OH. CCU3 was recognized as a new bridge even though I had configured the same IP for CCU3 as before. And then you have to select the new bridge for each thing. I remember some things worked, others did not. I would reserve a few hours for the complete changeover. But most important: After a few hours, everything worked as expected.



thanks for the info. Does it mean I have to discover all things new and generate the items and link them correctly e.g. in habpanel or in my different sites, or can I change somehow the address of the thing in OH that way that the items are directly ok again and by this also habpanel and so on?

If I must discover everything new and build all items new, I could also start with a new “fresh” OH installation. But unfortunately my one is only 3 month old now.



Is your oh configuration file based. If so you could just find and replace the bridge reference at item level.

Unfortunately not … it was in my previous OH version but since change to 3.3.0 i used only the UI

You do not have to generate items again. If needed, you can link them to new Things.
And in HabPanel or sites you are using items. So in my opinion no additional work to do on items or different sites.

Ok now my experience report after I had some time today and finally made the transition:

  • Updated CCU2 to latest version
  • Made a backup of CCU2
  • Disconnected CCU2 from power and network
  • Connected CCU3 to network and power
  • Initialized CCU3 and loaded the CCU2 backup to CCU3 (attention: safety key is needed)
  • After that deleted the IP setup of the old CCU2 in my and provided the same IP and name (in my case “homematic”) to the CCU3.
  • restart of CCU3 to get correct IP and DNS

It was needed to deactivate authentication at the CCU3 (openhab binding seems not to comply with this setup)

After that openhab recognized at the old IP the CCU3 as CCU2 and all things and consecutive al items were online again.

Much easier as I assumed.

Finally, I just discovered again the CCU (now the CCU3) and switch manually the bridge for each item from the old CCU2 to the CCU3. This seem to be not needed as the old CCU2 bridge thing worked well but I preferred to have the correct bridge provided in the properties of each item also visually for me. Deactivated old bridge thing before and deleted it afterwards.

Good job of openhab I am happy.