Change icon on Group item

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I would like to change the icon of a Group item depending on a other item state.
Is this possible?

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Here is a part of my sitemap:

Group item=gAlarm label=“Gestion Alarme” icon=“burglar” {
Selection item=AlarmSwitch label=“Interrupter Alarme” icon=“siren” mappings=[0=“Off”, 1=“toutes les Zones”, 2=“Zone 1 seulement”]


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Is possible but have to clone hole group

Group item=bathroom label=“Bathroom” icon=“bathroom” visibility=[batroom_ocupacy==OFF, batroom_ocupacy==“Uninitialized”] {
Group item=bathroom label=“Bathroom in use” icon=“bathroominuse” visibility=[batroom_ocupacy==ON] {

Were bathroom is group item and “bathroominuse” is one icon and “bathroom” is other icon have to have them in images directory. And batroom_ocupacy is other item from him depends what will see in openhab.

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Many thanks for your answer!!
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May be have better way to do this but i test only this way, and work good.

I think if add some binding in group item may use 2 icons

icon-on.png and icon-off.png

and in sitemap "Group item=item label=“label” icon=“icon”

This have to output icon-on.png when item state is ON and icon-off.png when item state is OFF
This is not tested if somebody have time to test it, please give us feedback.

Not working for me.

That will work. But you also need to get the group to have a state. Let’s say you wanted the group to be ON if any member switches were ON


Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) myGroup "some label"  <myicon>

Don’t forget to always provide a default icon.svg along with icon-on and icon-off, else it won’t work