Change in openHab item status (ON/OFF) not appearing in Google Home

Using openHab 3.3. Set up items with appropriate metadata. Items appear in Google Home app. I can toggle a light using Google Home. But, if I toggle the light in openHab, the status is not updating in Google Home, so the item/device is out of synch.

Can anyone help troubleshoot this error?

Welcome to the community! Sorry you haven’t received a response to your question, yet.

You’re not really providing much detail, which makes it hard to offer suggestions. So here’s my question: how long are you waiting for the status to update in the Google Home app?

The app doesn’t update constantly, so you need to either wait awhile or refresh the app to sync devices. I tried replicating what you’ve done, and it took about a minute before the app caught up. I’m guessing that either pushes updates once per minute or Google Assistant only polls once per minute, most likely to minimize traffic.

I’ve never given this any thought, because I don’t use the Google Home app regularly. I use it to set up Nest/Cast devices and make routines, and then I just use voice control. For direct control, I use the openHAB app.

If the app is never updating then there’s something else going on, but that shouldn’t be the case since you can control OH with Google Assistant. If this is the case, you need to show your item definition so that we can debug it.

Thank Russ! I was writing a long post describing my debugging and exact use case…when I saw that it is taking about a minute to update status. I was just impatient because a video I had watched was showing updates happening in about 2 seconds. Unfortunately, this blows up my use case where I was going to use the new Google Home feature that allows device status to trigger google events (which I would in turn use to affect devices outside of my openHab ecosystem).

What new feature is this? I’m not familiar with it.

And what do you want to accomplish? If you detail what you’re really trying to do, it’s likely that someone here has tried it.

It is a new feature. I’m trying something pretty janky. I want to control Smartthings from openHab (convoluted reasons). A new Smartthings MQTT edge driver has been added to smartthings. So, now I am (unsuccessfully so far!) trying to get a MQTT connection established between the two platforms.

I want to leave my devices in Smartthings. But, I want a local dashboard that anyone on my wifi can use for basic lighting control without having to install an app or to get special permissions. openHab is useful for that. As long as I can figure out how to trigger a few devices in smartthings from openHab.

Solved with MQTT. Works like a charm. I can use my openHab dash to kick off smartthings routines.

Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t have suggested using Google Assistant as a bridge for openHAB and SmartThings.

Good to know that SmartThings now has MQTT support. Probably easier than installing the openHAB code needed for the SmartThings binding to work.

I would have had to tell you either way that openHAB devices will not be able to trigger Assistant routines. This is a design limitation of how the integration currently works and is quite complex to change.