Change item name in paper UI?

Hi There,

i decided to renew my installation and with this i like to move from config files to paper ui based configuration if possible. Doning this i found that i am not able to change an items name after the first definition. is that right or i am doing something wrong?

Working with latest snap.


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Indeed correct, as the item name is its unique key. So you have to delete this one and create another one…
I know, sounds uncomfortable, but if it would be allowed to change the name, the user would probably also expect that all links, rules, etc. are updated to use the new name at the same time as well - and this is pretty complex to achieve…

Thanks for the answer i see the point, even it is not the answer i desire.

At the end it is for me easier to create an items file. There i am able to change the name and leave the rest as it is ans the change only the link in paper ui.