Change location used by OpenWeatherMap

Is there any way to override the location used by OpenWeatherMap? I try to enter the coordinates I want to use manually, but it keeps reverting back to using the location set in my OpenHAB system settings.

I guess you used the thing that came up through the inbox? For non-default values, I think you have to create the thing manually.

Thank you for the response! So even though I can edit the location values in the Thing, it will ignore my entered values unless I create the Thing manually for OpenWeatherMap?

Well, that Thing is a special Thing, isn’t it? It’s automagic…

When you write, “edit the location values in the Thing”, do you mean the OpenWeatherMap Account thing or the “Local Weather and Forecast” thing?

The reason I ask is that there’s a slightly confusing “Location” field in the OWM Account thing, which is actually for PaperUI’s Control interface, and not for the binding (I made this mistake).


You could modify the Location of Weather field in the “Local Weather and Forecast” thing, but I would recommend just adding a separate thing via the Inbox for the coordinates you want to specify, so that you can name it accordingly.

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I am referring to the location value in the “Local Weather and Forecast” thing. If I update it, it reverts back to the same location set in the OpenHAB system settings, which is the location of my home. I want to use a slightly different location for the OpenWeatherMap binding.

I can confirm that the parameter


is reverted to the openHAB system location, but as I said, the thing is an automagic one, so I’m not surprised about that.

How does one tell when a thing is an “automagic” one?

Well, ususally you would create a thing and manually set your location. But openHAB is smart and uses the location already set to autocreate a thing with this local data. This does work for those OH2 Bindings which use this function (weather, time, astro, but this list may not be complete :wink: ) If you don’t set the openHAB location, there won’t be a local thing for these bindings.

Afaik the local things are dynamic, i.e. by changing the openHAB location the locataion for focal things is changed accordingly. Think of a Mobile Smart Home, just travel though USA and always get current local information.

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