Change of IP and openHab does not work anymore?

I am facing a not working openhab App. App does not show any sitemap.
My research of the problem was, that the IP of the RasPi has changed, because the Router restarted.



(Security is off, I know)
There is no fixed IP on the RasPi and openHab.
Would like to ask you for debug, I think if I reboot the Pi the App will work again.
thanks in advance

The Browser can reach my sitemap, but the com to Philips Hue Lamps is lost (also IP??)

openHAb still thinks its connected to Hue Lamps and shows values… verry unstable all that.

Do you know the new IP of your RasPi and did you adjust it in the settings of the app? If your router changes the IP addresses of your devices after a restart it’s very likely that your Hue system also got a new IP. Did you enter that new IP in the openHAB config-file? And did you restart openHAB after that?

In general: It’s not a good idea to let the router handle the IPs of your devices in that way. After a power outage or a planned restart you’ll face that problem again. So make sure, that your router assigns all devices with a static (DHCP) address; a lot of routers have that function. (“Always assign that IP address to that device.”)

Actually it’s a pretty stable system. I changed willingly the IPs of all my devices a few weeks ago and made the adjustments in openHAB and it’s iOS app without any flaws.

Hi Norman
The App does not need a IP !?
I am using a Hostname, so its always the same setting. (I do not have static IP at home)
The hostname is immediately updatet after restart of the Router, this works fine, no problems at all.
The Router is a stupid thing, but is the only hardware that is 24/7 online, so it has to do the dhcp.
Some things have static IP’s in my intranet, but I would like to keep dynamic IP on my PI and openHab, to be idependet of use also at other houses.

You are right with the IP of the Hue, this was set to a static IP address, I changed it to dynamic (#) now.

The Pi is still not restarted, that means would it be possible to find the problem openHab is actually facing by connecting with the App ?

Not possible to find the problem… hmmm
I am actually setting the whole system up new, maybe it will be a bit more stable.

What would be your codes to do, after the install of a new system jessie/wheezy ?

What do you mean with “codes”? Items, rules, sitemap? It’s the same procedure as updating openhab:

And: if you have problems accessing openhab from your android app leave the local url blank, the app finds your openhab by itself (assuming your network config is clean and functionable):

Edit: by the way, your netmask is wrong:


Correct is:


Are you sure your router is in the 192.168.0.x range? Have never seen that before by default, usually its 192.168.1.x, 2.x or 178.x

Sorry, I was asking for the Pi Updates to run openHab stabel. Will do std. update & upgrade.
then I will install openhab via get.

The IP range (correct, the dot is wrong) is of course 192.168.0.x and is fixed by the Router for my intranet…

[quote=“Richard_Nussdorfer, post:7, topic:3789, full:true”]
Will do std. update & upgrade.[/quote]

Don’t forget rpi-update for the newest firmware.

is the download image not the newest, or is it something different ?
(hw pi)

The firmware has nothing to do with the downloaded distribution operating system.
You can compare it somehow with the BIOS of a personal computer, although it’s not the same but has the same function.
With apt-get upgrade you have the newest software, with rpi-update the newest firmware. With the newest firmware you can make sure that you have optimized hardware support.

this seams to be the standard:
rpi-update ?


I’m tired of replying all your questions in two different forums, read my answer in the german forum!

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