Change Page in BasicUI with events

Hi, I just joined the world of OH.
I come from industrial automation with PLC and HMI.
And after spending several days testing the possibilities I need help to be able to automatically switch pages after an event (the typical alarm). I have already seen in the forums that with HabPanel you can, but I only use BasicUI with sitemaps. In industrial automation when you use ESCADAS, it is normal to have configurable buttons to be able to scroll through different menus or to return to the main menu from any position.
Can someone guide me on how this can be solved using sitemaps in BasicUI.

A greeting

It can’t be done with BasicUI.

HELLO, first of all thank you for your response and effort.
This supposes a small setback in the utilization of OH.
As a last resort and indirectly, a different sitemap can be activated from the current sitemap using a rule.

Thanks for your time.

OK, so this way I can get pages to be displayed if I build them on different sitemaps?
If so, this way you could solve the first question even indirectly.
Could you send me some reference on how to do it. I am new to this and although I have read a lot of documentation I have not found this solution.

Thank you

Sorry as I don’t handle myself well, I have reread the first post and I have read it wrongly

It can be done with BasicUI.

So the previous reply. Sorry.

This cannot be done either. BasicUI is basic. If you want more control over what and how it displays information you either need to use HABPanel or you need to build your own UI. There is no way I know of that you can achieve what you want with BasicUI.

sitemaps (which control rendering in BasicUI) do have the visibility= feature.
You can show or hide a line with visibility=[someItemstate == “alarm”] for instance. It’s a bit clumsy but can achieve something like you want.
Whole frames can appear or disappear depending on n Item state, although it is really still the same sitemap throughout.

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