Change page type of overview

Hi, I think i messed up my Overview Page by saving a Chart to it.
Now it is a Chart type and I can not edit it at all.

Does anybody knows how I can change it to Layout type?

Does it still open in an editor page? If so, you can just click on the code tab and at the very top, under “config” remove all the lines but the label property.

Yes, that is possible. But it remains a Chart type

Hmmm…I thought that might cause it to re-evaluate the page type.

You may have to resort to working with the json files. Make sure you shut down OH before you start working directly with any of the json files.

The json files for the ui are all stored in the $CONF/userdata/jsondb folder. For the pages, the json file is uicomponents_ui_page.json. The first thing to check is if there is a backup file in the ‘backup’ directory that predates the change. If there is then you can just move that backup file into the main jsondb directory changing its name to the correct name and restart OH.

If there is no viable backup, then you will have to actually edit the file. You will see that each page has a component: property and for layout pages that should be set to oh-layout-page.

That was it. Thank you.
A backup with the right property was not there.
I just changed the uicomponents_ui_page.json.