Change python version in openhab

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Hi, I’m trying to execute a python script that requires Python3

val results = executeCommandLine("/etc/",1000)
logInfo("Test", results)

I had some problems with permissions, so I changed the file permission to 777 and OpenHab is now correctly trying to execute the file. I also changed the default Python version on my Raspberry to 3.7. The script executes correctly when I run it via SSH, but with OpenHab I get the exact same syntax error as using the old Python version. Is there some intern OpenHab configuration for Python I have to change? I think I have read every forum on this topic but didn’t find any answer.
Any help would be highely appreciated.

Have you tried:

executeCommandLine("python3 /etc/",1000)

Yes, thanks, it hit me right after posting this topic.

val results = executeCommandLine("python3 /etc/", 5000)

However, the script sometimes stops in the middle of executing with error

Rule ‘test’: An error occurred during the script execution: null

But I guess it’s some OpenHAB mistake I cannot solve, because it happens with other rules as well from time to time.

That’s a message from a rule, not from the python script. If you want some help with that, show the rule please.