Change shortcuts for Android app?

is there a way to change the shortcuts for the android app? For default there is Voice command, Notifications and HABPanel.

I would like to change it to an item action like it is possible for the quick settings panel.
Is this not possible or do I miss something.

Why? With routines on Samsung you can create automations based on e.g. location. You can pick a app or an direct app command which is available via shortcuts.
At the moment I use tasker for this in combination with the openhab app, because tasker is capeable of changing the shortcuts. The direct way with openhab app would be nicer so no proxy app (Tasker) would be needed.

Thank you

There are Tiles and Widgets that can be tied to Items but I see no way to add an Item to the shortcuts.

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Currently that’s not possible. There’s a limit of ~4 shortcuts per app and they are used by “Notifications”, “HABPanel” and the voice recognition. If someone wants to contribute this feature to app, I’m happy to review it. But please note that this will be limited to one shortcut.

By the way: You can also use Tasker to send Item commands as the openHAB app has an integration for Tasker.

Yes I read about the limitation to 4 shortcuts.
The question is whether the other 3 are really needed to be not changeable?
As the default they are fine, but changing all of the 4 to my own preferences (like in tasker) would be even better.
I don’t use HabPanel, Voice or the settings option via shortcuts. So changing them to 4 different items would be much more convenient for me.

At the moment I use tasker with a location profile which sends commands to openhab via the integartion depending on location. My idea was to use the OS integrated location feature via routines. So my device doesn’t need to check my location with different application to trigger events (and save some battery).

Unfortunately I am not able to contribute such a feature, sorry. Maybe someone else will read this thread and is capeable of doing it.?

I opened a feature request here: Add a customizable shortcut · Issue #3495 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

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Thank you for creating the feature request.
Hopefully someone will find some time to contribute the needed changes :hugs: