Change username now possible


during the migration process you might have received an invitation email with a prefilled, system chosen username which might not be your favourite one. Unfortunately you weren’t able to change the username yourself.

We now reactivated this feature so you can change your username yourself for a grace period of five days after your registration. This is limited because all mentions (and some other links) are broken after changing the username (see for a detailed discussion about this topic).

Enjoy the new openHAB community,

Thomas E.-E.


I registerd more than 5th days, but from My Profile Detail I cannot change username.
Can you help me?


Hi Marco,

thanks for pointing this out. Indeed the grace period is not a minimum of five days but the maximum (i’ve changed my original post accordingly). Please PM me if you’d still like to change your username after all.

Thanks, Thomas E.-E.

Hi Thomas,
I am facing the same issue. Not able to change username.

that is the normal behaviour (see above) … the username can only be changed “up to” five days after registration. However admins can help all the time. Please PM me if you need assistance.

Thanks, Thomas E.-E.

that’s simple: klick on your picture on top right > messages > New Message