Change ZWave database locally

Is there way to edit ZWave database locally, in my installation? It’s not very “agile” to wait 2-3 days for online DB gets updated, then for new openhab2 build to happen. I would like to experiment with parameters locally first.

Thank you.

only if you compile the binding yourself

Thanks @Dim is there instruction on how to build it?

There is a full featured, very detailed, extraordinary documentation on this topic… (NOT :slight_smile:)

I really don’t know how… (never tried it before… and this docs section is not complete … to say it politely :wink:)
There are some threads within the community forum that have some parts and pieces of the needed info…
if you get it working and have some time to spare, type up a proposal to improve the docs also please :vulcan_salute:

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There really shouldn’t be any need for “experimenting” - the data should be deterministic and supplied from the manufacturer…

I got what I wanted:

Please can you update the database if it’s not already done? That way everyone benefits.

Yeah, I am working on it - UI a little bit clunky - I can’t remove old channel definition…

That’s not “clunky” - that’s “safety” ;). Only admin can delete things… Just mark the channel name as DELETE ME or something and I’ll delete it.