Changed session settings in forum?

I’m just wondering… Is it just me or has something happened to the sessions in this forum lately? Every single time I go to the forum I need to login over again. Up until recently (maybe some weeks ago) it always remembered my login status so I never needed to relogin.

(Hope I’m asking this in the right place, can’t seem to find any category about the forum itself)

Same problem here. Thought it was due to my lokal configuration as it does not happen on all of my devices …

That’s strange. Where does it work and where doesn’t it? I’m only ever using this forum in my Firefox browser, I’m thinking it might be related to the browser being used?

Firefox on laptop/mobile works, on the local PC doesn’t. But I tend to play a bit with privacy settings especially at the local PC’s firefox and guess its something around cookies

There was another thread. I have it happen on my Phone.
I think it happened when they updated the forum software.