Changing baud rate for DSC IT-100?

First, just want to say that the DSC binding is awesome!

Could someone please give me some direction on how to go about changing the baud rate for the IT-100 serial interface? I tried sending the 080,4 (for 115200 baud rate) as per the IT-100 developer guide, but the binding doesn’t seem to like that… I get “2018-07-01 17:16:20.039 [ERROR] [rm.handler.DSCAlarmBaseBridgeHandler] - sendCommand(): Command ‘BaudRateChange’ Not Sent - Invalid!”


Hello Mathew,

Unfortunately, the binding doesn’t handle that command. The binding only configures the serial port on the openHAB server to match that of the IT-100 through the IT-100 bridge. Maybe the handling of the command BaudRateChange, is a candidate for a future enhancement to the binding. Sorry for the inconvenience. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thank you for your reply.

I ended up changing it manually now anyway, and all is working!