Changing binding names while porting v1 to v2 binding

When porting a binding from v1 to v2, the binding names are the same, e.g:

What is the best practice to port a v1 binding to v2, if you want to run both concurrently? Should I just temporarily change the name, e.g: org.openhab.binding.name2?


If both exist, V1 binding should be renamed to binding.name1

Thanks,then I assume during development there is no trick to running a v1 and v2 binding with the same name without having to recompile the v1 binding. For example aliasing a binding name at runtime.

All the v1 bindings I have seen were renamed a long time ago.

The maintainers still have some decisions to make about closing out the 1.x bindings. The repo is now closed and PRs are not being merged, though if something was critical then I’m sure concessions could be made. It is yet to be determined what will occur in the 2.5.x releases for 1.x bindings that are migrated to 2.x. I bet answers will come quickly once a PR is submitted!

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The alarmdecoder binding has not been renamed.

232 │ Active │ 80 │ 1.14.0 │ org.openhab.binding.alarmdecoder

I think an issue on GitHub is in order for that.
@Kai are issues still being accepted for v1 bindings?

No. Don’t know if there’s a way to make special exceptions to that, though.

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Any idea how to resolve the OP’s naming problem for a v2 binding? (or v3, for that matter) Perhaps just add a 2 to the end of the binding name?

I would think you could change the name of the v1 binding in the dev environment so as to remove any conflict. Someone among TPTB would have to figure out how to merge the new version later.